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Welcome to my portfolio my name is Thomas de Bart, about me.

I'm a year-old software developer who likes to code.

I mainly use C#, HTML/CSS/JS, and Python.

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About me

I am Thomas de Bart and I live in the Netherlands. Currently I'm still in school, learning the teachers more about coding then they have taught me. For 15 years of my life I lived in a tiny village, but now I live in the city of Dordrecht meeting a lot of new people. I am enjoying it here and very happy about my life


C# has been my main programming language I have used for the past 8 years. I have used it a lot with unity and unity game modding. Right now it is my favorite programming language to program in.

Rounds mods

Minecraft clone

Auto battler

Overall unity modding



I have been using HTML for a while now, and I like working with it and creating cool websites like this one

Pathfinder visualizer

Babu is you

Pop a lock





In python i have mainly only created projects for school (This is why most of my python project are in Dutch) and for some personal easy automation programs.

Forever young

The game

Find more on my github

Check out my GitHub where you can find many of my other projects.

Want to contact me? tddebart@mail.com

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